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The dynamics of today’s life, higher rate of all processes taking place in society also affected the field of education. The most important requirements to the level of education of modern man is not only a deep knowledge of professional orientation, but also the ability to competently, connected, accessible and beautifully express their thoughts.

Therefore, one of the most frequently used methods of controlling students’ knowledge becomes an essay. An essay written as a form of control used by teachers of different disciplines (from the classic “Language and Literature”, ending in political science, law and foreign languages). This type of written works is used as in the entrance and the finals, as well as an intermediate form of control.

Thus, writing an essay – literary, popular scientific, historical, biographical, philosophical works, as written work at school and whether the university, as well as the most important component of a package of documents for admission to a foreign university – a process very interesting and exciting and know how to do it well. It should be remembered that the skill of writing such a work comes with experience and success essay will always be the author’s desire to reveal himself outside world.

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